10 After Dinner Sweets In The Form Of Cat Tweets


A lot of bad things have happened this year. But cats can never let their hoomans do. Even in this gloomy lockdown periods, cats have been taking good care of their hoomans. Have a look at these pawsome cats and you will know how they have been cheering up their hoomans during the pandemic period.

#1 Lock down with your cat has turned into a never ending eating and sleeping cycle.

#2 Honestly, we are not left with many options during the quarantine.

#3 As if there was any other option available. Also, it’s an unsaid move that you are not allowed to move once a cat sits on you.

“Since you can’t go outside, why don’t you just rub my belly and entertain me, hooman?”

#4 Look who has been playing with the phone. “It’s selfie time, hooman. Let me play!”

“Since you can’t go outside, why don’t you just rub my belly and entertain me, hooman?”

#5 When your cat is adorable and it knows it. Go on kitty, suit yourself.

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Cat hoomans know that even a single day without cat tweets would be incomplete. They read cat tweets as religiously as people read newspaper. Their day has to start with cats and end on cats. We know all the cat lovers out there must be nodding by now. Enjoy some more cat memes!

#6 “Who said cats don’t care for their hoomans? Mine won’t leave me alone even for a moment.”

#7 Who is the easiest one to love in the entire world? It’s only a cat.

#8 If you are not a cat lover, just adopt a cat and see the magic in a few days.

“He cares more about us than his wife. Now we can sleep in peace.

#9 Living with a cat for so long, it gets a little difficult to deal with life after they leave.

#10 “My cats are tired of me and wants me to leave them alone. I thought they liked spending time with me.”

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