10+ Amazing Facts About Cats’ Psychology That You Didn’t Know


Cats are really mysterious creatures. Even though they have lived with us for thousands of years, we are unaware of a lot of things associated with them. We have some interesting facts about cats that you all should know. Here’s how to keep your cat happy.

Just take care of these little things if you want to ensure that your cat stays happy. Healthier and satisfied cats stay happy.

Get vertical scratching pads for female cats and horizontal ones for the males.

Highbred kittens have a strong immune system.

Does your cat hate brushing? It is probably because you are not using the right tools.

Lifting your cat by its fore paws is very risky for its collarbone. The heavier the cat, the higher the risk.

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Do you want to take charge of your cat? Place your cat’s house lower than your bed. It sets the hierarchy.

Neutered cats are more peaceful than the ones that are not. This is also one of the reasons why they are more playful.

Fat cats are susceptible to diseases. Make sure that you are giving your cat proper diet.

Trying to get a good sleep at night before any disturbance from your cat? Lock it in another room. Start doing this when your cat is young. It will eventually get used to it.

Don’t use chlorine to wash your cat’s toilet. It may get poisoned.

Cats not only choose what they eat, but also the texture of food they eat. So in case your cat is not eating wet food, just let it be. Cats like to experiment with their food.

If you think you can’t train your cat, you are wrong. It’s just that they are very persistent and end up training you.

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