10 Animals Whose Faces Are More Expressive Than Emilia Clarke’s Eyebrows


Animals have a pure heart and they express more than you. We know that humans express through words and expressions. However, we only understand the animals through their expressions. We can’t understand their language and they certainly don’t give any facial expressions. If you look closely, you will understand all that they are trying to say. But some animals are so expressive that you can easily make everything out.

Here are some animals who are more expressions say it all loud out. Have a look at these pictures and you will know what we are talking about.


When your cat loves to judge you and it is clear from their expressions. “My cat doesn’t say anything. He stares at me silently.”


When your cat is more interested in the movie than you and you can’t stop looking at them. “This is how my cat watches movies. I think he is a person trapped in the wrong body. He loves to watch TV more than me.”


When you accidently do something wrong and get this in response.


“My dog knows that he doesn’t have to work for food and this is how he makes me jealous.”


Look at this baby monkey’s expressions! Can you guess what he is trying to say?

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Aren’t these animals just pawsome? They don’t even have to say anything to make anyone understand anything. The expressions of these animals say it all out loud. Animals have a lot to say and they are just waiting for you to talk to them. So next time you get to interact with an animal, try to pay some attention and you will understand everything.


This is the angriest bird that you will ever meet.


This innocent bear is sad because he didn’t get to eat enough today.


This elephant here loves to play with children. Look how happy he seems!


These koalas are extremely talented when it comes to posing for pictures.


This kangaroo listens intently when you try to talk to him.

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