10 Beautiful Photos Of Senior Cats That Prove Age Is Just A Number


Cats are incredible at everything they do. This certainly includes hiding their age. Felines know that age is just a number. They look majestic no matter how old they are. They may grow bigger with more fur as they age. But after a certain point they just stop aging and stay majestic furrever.

Look at these cat pictures and you will also agree.

#1 This green eyed cat is seventeen years old, but doesn’t look his age. It’s a cat talent.

#2 Guess how old is this furball. Zuli was adopted a few days back and he is twenty years old.

#3 This furry grey cat is sixteen years old.

#4 Furball Ziva is seventeen years old and bravely fought with a sixty pound dog. We are so proud of you little kitty.

#5 This seventeen year old cat is all set to undergo radioiodine treatment. Look how young he looks. Our blessings are with you beautiful kitty.

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#6 This kitty is seventeen years old and as stealthy and young as a three year old cat.

#7 This fourteen year old kitty still loves to be held by his hooman. Some things never change.

#8 How old is this furball? Don’t be shocked, but it’s just seventeen years old.

#9 This cute furball is nineteen years old and still likes to make his hooman chase him.

#10 “Twenty years with my hooman now and he hasn’t got bored even on a single day.” How can any cat hooman ever get bored of their cats!

Young or old, cats stay pawsome always. With age, they only get better and more beautiful.

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