10 Best Cat Posts, Jokes And Memes That You Can’t Miss Out


Spend some time with a cat and you will know how hilarious cats are. The felines come in this world just to spread happiness around. You can do all you like, but no one can make you instantly happy like cats do. Only the felines know the magic to achieve all that is needed to be make people happy. Once you are with a cat, you can’t be sad. For those who love to laugh, start living with cats.

Here are best cat posts, jokes and memes that you can’t miss out. Have a look at these cat posts and you will know how hilarious cats are!


Cats are smart and they know how to get what they want. You just can’t stop a cat when he wants to do something that he wants.


When you got two cats in your house that just can’t stay away from each other. You just have to make sure that they are happy and loved.


You can say anything to your cat, except for calling him fat. Once you do that, you are doomed.


Cats just can’t let their hoomans be alone, especially in the middle of the night. “Why do you have to do this every night, hooman? Don’t you want me to sleep.”


When cats got all the attention, this is bound to happen. After all, nobody is greater than a cat.

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Only cats make the rules in the house and nobody else. Just know it and don’t ever try to change that.


Cats know how to do everything, but they never stop being funny. Making people laugh is what cats are born to do.


Cats can have fun too. You are not the only one to enjoy the swings in the park.


Cats are a good reason to cancel your plans. You can just stay with your cat and have the best time.


When your cat decides to sleep on your bed, you should immediately get another bed for yourself. You won’t get any space otherwise. Sharing your bed with a cat is never an option.

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