10+ Best Cat Tweets Of The Year


Twitter is full of lot of entertaining stuff. But nothing makes us laugh like cat tweets do. The felines are always busy doing something or the other. All their acts are worth capturing and make the best tweets.

Here’s a collection of some pawsome cat tweets to make your day brighter!


What better news can you hear than this! Many congratulations to your cat and entire family!


Anything can happen when you give your cat some catnip. He may even summon the lord of cats to your home. be prepared!


It’s impawssible to resist cute cats. It gets harder when you can only adore them, but not pet them.


When all you want to do is take a train to the unknown. Anywhere far from here!


This is so cute. Now cats are smart enough to use the elevators too. What next?

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Cats have a way of making things work their way. If you want to know how to make anyone laugh, you can learn a lot from a cat. They know the purrfect way to bring a smile on anyone’s face. Life with cats is a life full of entertainment and joy. The felines make sure that there is always a smile on their hooman’s face. They get to know very soon when their hoomans are not feeling well.


Cats can’t get more mysterious. They keep on surprising us every now and then.


Just a little scared before the big decision. Everything will be alright very soon.


“And I thought I was the king of this world. If not the universe, at least I rule my furrever home.”


When you have to choose between your girlfriend and your cat, things get a bit complicated.


When your cat shows you something that you have never seen before. What all are the cats hiding from us?


“Now I got you. I see it too! It’s beautiful, little bud.”


“And finally the ritual is complete. The cat lord will be here any moment!”

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