10+ Best ‘My House, Not My Cat’ Moments Guaranteed To Make Your Day


Are you planning to adopt a cat? Well, first things first. You never adopt a cat, you get adopted by cats. Yes, that’s how it is. Cats are pretty good at picking up their hoomans. They have this sixth sense that works really well for them when it comes to finding a furrever home for themselves. Sometimes you don’t even have to make the decision of adopting a cat and still you will get one.

Here are some cats who walked into their furrever homes to adopt their hoomans. See these pictures and you will know what we are talking about. Have a look!


“I thought I was not a cat person till I met this little fluffy ball.”


“This is a comfortable place to give birth to my kittens. I will stay here until I decide to move.”


“Hi, I am Chloe. This house looks beautiful. I think I would like to spend my summers here. So get me a place to sleep and good food. Also, can you open the door for me? I haven’t learnt that skill yet.”


These cats found their way into their purrfect home. Now, they won’t leave.


“I don’t have a cat, but now I guess I do. He entered my heart just like my home and didn’t leave. I am a cat person now.”

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“Went on a vacation and came back to this little kitty. We are best friends now.”


When you return to a cat drinking water from your glass, you just let them continue.


One of the best after and before pictures. Look what love can do to you! We encourage you all to adopt cats. They need a home and you need them.


“Found this adorable cat sitting on my sofa one day. He has been living with us ever since.”


What do you do when you find a cat in your house? You let him stay as long as he wants.

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