10 Broken Cats That Will Show You Life Is Not Purrfect


Do you feel stuck and feel like things are not going the way you wanted them to? Well, in that case these pawsome felines are here to give you some company. We all know how majestic cats are and they always like to be in control of everything. But sometimes they have bad days too. Cat hoomans also have to pull their cats out of trouble on their bad days. So you should stop feeling bad about your troubles. It’s just how life is.

Here is a collection of some cats that look as if they need help. They will definitely cheer you up. Have a look!


“My cat got stuck between the branches and he gave me this look that was enough to say that he needed help.”


Even the cat is confused that how did he manage to fit in this. “How will I get out of this now? I think I will have to call my hooman!”


When cats are really happy, they may do crazy things. “Saw my hooman doing this, felt like doing it too. This is so much hooman. Sometimes, my hooman does fun filled activities too.”


Why is this cat so happy? Something is definitely broken in the house.


“Caught my cat staring at me like this while I was doing yoga. I am not sure what is he thinking.”

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“My cat gets really angry when I work on the weekends. He looks at me angrily. This is becoming his favorite pose now.”


When the cat is upset, he likes to sit next to the food and drop something every two minutes.


This cat is contacting the rest of the felines. There will be a huge cat party tonight. Don’t get so excited. You are not invited.


It was time to go to the vet and the cats were very scared. There is only one thing that the cats are scared of.


The top shelf is booked for the cat. He likes the view from there.

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