10 Cat Comics That Purrfectly Show How It Feels Like To Live With Cats


Cats have their entire day plan and their hoomans have to get things done according. Felines wake their hoomans at a particular time in the morning and then every half an hour they need something to eat, not to mention the twenty naps they take throughout the day. Also, cat hoomans have no clue about what goes on behind their back.

Here are some cat comics that purrfectly illustrate what it feels like to live with a cat.


“I will just snuggle beside the pillow. Let me see how sleeping on the pillow feels. This is more comfortable.”


Cats can see anywhere and everywhere they like. You do not get to decide that for them.


These things come naturally to cats. Which one is your cat expert at?


For those who don’t know how long a cat nap can be, you need to see this.


Every cat owner knows how creepy it feels when their cats do this.

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When your cat sleeps the whole day and do weird things at night that you have no clue about, things can get little complicated. It’s not easy to live with a cat, but it’s definitely better than living without them. If you are a cat hooman, we are sure that you can totally relate to these cat comics. The rest can look at these and make up their mind if they want a cat or not.


Cats hooman please read this very carefully. This is the most important information that you will ever come across.


The struggle to trim those claws is real. Just be very careful or else, you might end up harming the kitty.


“Night time is the best time to party and do everything that your hooman will never approve of.”


If you are a cat hooman, your cat must have certainly done this for you. If not, then is it really your cat?


“That’s why I am a cat. You cando anything when you are a cat. We have all the power in the world.”

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