10 Cat Dads Who Were Reluctant About Adopting A Cat


Cats like it when someone challenge them. Their uncanny attraction to people who dislike them cannot be explained. No matter how much you run after your cat and give them everything they could ever ask for, they will only show you affection when they want. Cats like to get everyone’s attention and love. So when someone denies it to the fur balls, they make an extra effort to chase that person.

We have some cat dads who were absolutely against cats initially. But only after spending a few days with the fur balls, everything changed. Have a look at these cat dads and see for yourself!

#1 “Before adopting our kitty Sam, my dad was absolutely afraid of cats. Now look how adorable they are together.”

#2 “This little kitty followed us home and gave birth to kittens. My dad was ready to take her to the shelter home the next day and now we are stuck with them.”

#3 Look at the newly turned cat dad who used to claim that he loves dogs and will never own a cat.

#4 From not wanting to adopt a cat to chasing it all around the home.

#5 A few months back, this man didn’t even want to be near any cat, let alone live with one.

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#6 This man was totally against cats until one fine day when this kitty walked into his life.

#7 “Now my dad shares every little detail of his life with our cat. I am a little jealous of the cat, I guess.”

#8 Who said humans only love their children? Look at this cat dad taking care of her little feline.

#9 “My dad was strictly against cats. Now he can’t stay away from it. Things change quickly when it’s about cats.”

#10 This man strongly felt against adopting cats.

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