10 Cat Hoomans Shared Some of the Strange Things Their Cats Do


If you have adopted a cat for the first time and don’t have a clue how to deal with their weirdness, then you are at the right place. Cats love to do weird things to amuse themselves which may confuse their hoomans. But there is nothing to worry. This is just a usual thing for cats. The felines know that since the pandemic spread, you have nothing better to do other than watch them whole day. So instead of taking more naps, they have decided to focus on entertaining you or maybe irritating you. Cats beings cats, they always find a way to do everything that they want.

Here are some pictures of cats doing weird things shared by their hoomans. You will definitely enjoy all the silly things that cats do. It’s okay if you don’t understand them, but they are definitely hilarious.


“This is how my cat takes revenge. He sleeps in the middle of the bed and leaves no space for me.”


“I am watching you hooman. You better step back now and maybe I will consider forgiving you.”


“This is what my cat chooses to sleep in instead of the big bed that cost me a lot. Cat logic is out of my understanding.”


When cats get together to take a nap, they are doing the right thing.


“My cat gets behind the curtains every time he wants to stare out the window and this is how we find him.”

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“This is how my cat signals that my working hours are over and now I need to go play with him. Isn’t he cute?”


Some cats destroy plants, while others help put them up. Cats do what they have to do.


“Hi hooman, I am awake. Can you feed me now?” All cats do is sleep and eat.


“I missed you so much. Now I can have the best nap of my life.”


Cats love to take naps on your bed. They feel truly honoured by doing this.

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