10+ Cat Hoomans Who Exposed Their Cats


Will you publicly shame your cat if it did something really annoying? Well, some cat hoomans shared hilarious pictures of their cat in order to punish them. It’s only amusing how cats can be notorious, yet adorable at the same time. Have a look at these cats and decide for yourself if these cats need to be publicly ashamed!

#1 When your cat is a fan of empty bottles, you may not spend a lot on cat toys.

#2 Your cat can do a lot when you are not living. Keep your eyes glued to your cat.

#3 Your cat may be more attached to your boyfriend than you.

#4 Most creative way to wake up your hooman!

#5 Cats can do some very important work if you ask them for help.

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#6 Cats do that sometimes. You should not humiliate them for it.

#7 Cats don’t destroy stuff. They just make it look better. Here’s your customized slippers, Mr. Hooman.

#8 When your cat is compassionate enough to let the mouse still his food, you should definitely teach him about the right thing to do.

#9 “I am supposed to act dumb or she will know about everything.”

#10 That’s the future we have been wishing for! Good job, little kitty!

#11 Cats need appreciation when they do something unexpected.

#12 “So what? You puke all the time after getting drunk.”

#13 “It was not intentional on my part. Sorry, mommy!”

#14 What were you doing there? Show some respect kitty! This is not something you should play with.”

#15 “Okay! What am I supposed to do next? Should I dance? Maybe, you should learn some moves from me.”

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