10 Cat Hoomans Who Forgot What “Boredom” Is When They Got Themselves a Cat


This year hasn’t been easy for most of us. Many of us had to spend the lockdown all by ourselves and it has got really boring lately. But some people got a cat and forgot all about boredom. Cats know how to keep their hoomans busy really well. They always have something or the other mischief going on in their mind. After analysing their plan a thousand times, cat finally executes the plan. Since everything is pre-planned, nothing goes wrong. Cats know that it’s important to make their hoomans happy and they have to come up with pawsome plans to achieve this goal.

Here are some cat hoomans who totally forgot about boredom after getting a cat. Have a look at these pawsome pictures and you too will wish to get a cat!


Some cats surprise their hoomans, others get surprises.


“Hooman, did you forget that I also live in this house? Open the door right now and you better keep a watch. I will not let you go that easily.


Cats never leave a chance to create a mess in your home.


The true face of a cat has been captured successfully. Please have a look at it here. You will definitely be surprised.


“You need to move a little, so we both can get the sunlight.”

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Cats are pawsome pets. Till the time they are their with their hoomans, nothing can bring them down.


“You are late. I have been waiting here for you since past five minutes. Sit now. We need to talk.”


When your cat won’t drink water from its bowl and you have to give it to him in a glass.


The cat has finally found the cardboard box he has been looking for.


“Hi hooman, can you come and sit here. I want to take a nap on your lap.”


When there is nothing else to eat in the entire house and so your cat decides to get a bit innovative.

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