10+ Cat Hoomans Who Shared Their Cats’ Hilariously Mean Stories


Cats are no less dramatic than humans. Just like them, they can get a bit mean at times too. These purry creatures never fail to impress us with their personalities. As intelligent and smart as they are, cats can be infuriating at times too. Cats observe and learn. Some humans shared the meanest, yet hilarious stories of their cats and we can’t stop laughing. Have a look and see for yourself.

#1 “Why should hoomans have all the fun!”

#2 Woah! This hooman called her cat a ‘terrorist’. Careful lady, you he may listen to you and then act on it. You surely don’t want to know that side of your kitty.

#3 Once a hater, always a hater. It’s not easy to win a cat’s heart, but we love them anyway.

#4 Cats can figure out who is doing his work properly and who is fooling you. They are only taking care of them. Trust them!

#5 This cat rules everyone. No one messes with this kitty.

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#6 Taking your kitty to the vet? Be prepared for some drama.

#7 When your cat is not ready to move, but you can’t wait.

#8 Cats like you to be as lazy as them. What is the need for doing all the work? Some things can be taken care of later.

#9 This kitty saved some bucks. Smart sneaky cat knows how to be dramatic.

#10 Cats hate going to the vet. They will do anything to make you change the plan. And if you still end up at the vet’s place, this is how they will react.

#11 Never lock the kitty in a cage!

#12 “When your hooman doesn’t listen, vengeance is the only way.”

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