10+ Cat Owners Shared Their Cats’ Weird Shenanigans And It’s Hilarious


Cats do a lot of weird things and their cat hoomans think that they are worth sharing. We are glad that they do or else how will we ever be a part of this pawsomeness.

Here are some weird cat shenanigans that you don’t want to miss. Have a look!


Cats have a high need for attention. If you don’t give them enough attention, they find ways to get it.


It’s called catch me if you can and curtains may come to help.

When we say, ’Where’s Gala?’ she hides behind the curtains. We pretend to look for her while she doesn’t breathe. When we ’find her’ she jumps on us, hits us with her paws, and runs away to hide behind the other curtains. If we don’t look for her again.


This cat can’t sleep without his toy rabbit. Look how cutely he is posing with it.


Who needs a big hug? We need it too. Cats are totally pawsome.


Cats can do things that you don’t expect them too. It’s their life, their rules.

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Maybe it’s pretty normal stuff, but I’m very new with cats. She pays attention to what we see on TV, stretches as we thought only rabbits did, and loves to bite my college notes.


Who’s the coldest in the house? This cat surely is. Look how he loves to snuggle next to the pans on the stove.


“Did you ask me to get down? Well, maybe later because I am enjoying the view right now.”


A huge bed for this cat and he prefers to sleep in the sink. Cats have totally weird choices that we fail to understand.


Who wants to play spill the food with the cat?


When your cat is smarter than you think, you need to keep a watch on it.


“So you are inviting other people in the house? Let me see what I can do about it.”


This cat’s furrever expressions. He is tired since ages.

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