10 Cat Owners Who Were Not Prepared To Adopt A Cat And The Consequences Are Hilarious


Before getting a cat, you need to do proper research. Taking care of a cat may not be as simple as it looks. Felines are very unpredictable and don’t open up to their felines very easily. You need to gain their trust before they show you their true self. Also, cats are super adventurous creatures and are always up to something or the other.

Here are some cat owners who got a cat without giving a proper thought to its consequences.


“My cat pulls away the curtain and wakes me up every morning. I have stopped using alarm clock ever since I got a cat.”


“My cat’s one rule that everyone needs to follow is ‘no privacy’. He removed the shower curtains as it was against his policy.”


You can either keep a cat or take selfies. Both of these things can’t happen simultaneously.


“When my cat is having a bad day, he rolls up next to me like this.”


“My cat thinks that he needs to be a part of every picture that I click.”

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You need to make sure if you can handle everything that a cat puts you through before you get a cat. They won’t ask your permission and make you a part of everything that they do. So you have to be prepared for everything.


Whenever cats need some alone time, they go and sit in a secluded place.


“I got my cat these colourful toys to play with. He was not happy at all. My friend suggested I should get some empty boxes and I couldn’t understand the logic behind it.”


This is what every cat hooman around the world wakes up to. How pawsome it is to wake up to such adorable faces.


“Every time my cat wants me to agree with him, this is how he scares me.” Cats know how to get what they want, always.


“My cat likes to hide in here whenever he is scared. Then he peeks quietly to see if the devil has left.”

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