10+ Cat Parents Share Hilariously Strange Things Their Cats Do


Cats can be insane, but we love them anyway. Yes, they act weird at times, annoying too, but what other option do we have other than to adore them. Some cat parents shared strange things that their cats do and we can’t stop laughing. If you are having a bad day and looking for something to cheer you up, you are at the right place. Here are the sun shines we all need!

#1 “My cat acting as my guarding angel while I sleep.”

#2 Cats are purely evil when it comes to food. Even if you are dying, they will make sure that you feed them before you die.

#3 Either take them with you or stay back. Just don’t leave them alone.

#4 When you close the door, but your cat got to attend that midnight party with friends. You just can’t stop your kitty from getting where he wants.

#5 Do cats actually do that? Yes hooman, they pretty much do everything you can imagine.

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#6 When cats take care of the mail, you just sit back and watch.

#7 “Did no one teach you the art of sharing? You bad hooman, god will punish you!”

#8 This cat can differentiate healthy food from the junk. Good going kitty!

#9 Cats have weird way of getting things done. But this is definitely something we haven’t heard of before.

#10 This cat is apparently very rude. But we still love him.

#11 ”Just when I thought my cat was showing some affection, he did this. He is unbelievable.”

#12 Out of all the random things cat do, this one likes to act like a spider. Well, it’s always their choice. Who are we to judge!

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