10 Cat Pictures Prove Living With Cats Is an Adventure of Love and Fun


Pandemic days have become really difficult for everyone. Staying indoors and not able to meet anyone gets really frustrating at times. In such scenarios, our little furry friends come to rescue. Cats are a way to fun, love and adventure. They know how to cheer up their hooman even in the dark times.

Here is a collection of some cat pictures that show that they are adventure of love and fun. Have a look at these pawsome cat pictures to cheer yourself up!


When your cat finds the purrfect spot to sit and looks even more adorable.


When your cat doesn’t agree to take a selfie with you, this is what you do. “I swear this would be the last one!”


Your cat will sleep in the most uncomfortable place, but in the expensive bed that you bought for him.


“Come here, I will bless you and keep you away from all the evil. Now no devil will touch you.”


Happiness is getting cute clothes for your cat. “My hoomans care for me so much. I love you, hooman!”

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We know you are already smiling by now. Cats know their way to everyone’s heart. They can’t let anyone stay sad for a long time. Cats always find a way to make everyone laugh.


Even though your cat don’t like hugs, giving him one or two is fine. After that you should just let him go or else you will get some scratches in return.


Have cats started flying too nowadays? What else are they hiding from us?


This cat is not happy with the idea of stupid milkshake. “This doesn’t feel good, hooman. We should not make this from next time. I place a ban on cat milkshakes in this house from now on!”


Sometimes even cats can’t find a flicker of joy in their lives. Then they just sit and let it all pass.


When you secretly capture your cat staring out the window and nothing is more beautiful than that.

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