10 Cat Pictures Prove That They Are Humans Trapped In The Wrong Body


Cats have a lot of issues and some resemble humans. Sometimes it seems that cats are just humans trapped in the wrong body. The way they stare at their hoomans whenever they do something wrong is a proof that they understand everything.  In fact, cats listen to their hoomans ramble and then assures them that this is just a phase. This too shall pass. All these things are truly intriguing.

Here are some cat pictures that will prove that they are actually humans who are trapped in the wrong body.


Just another morning of another bad year. Nothing new. “Hooman, can you bring home some happiness for me?”


“Can I get some more please? I am really hungry. Can we start this dieting thing from tomorrow?”


“Why is my food bowl empty? Is this why you bought it? You want to tease me? Or am I supposed to look my face into it?”


“Sometimes my cat end up surprising himself. These expressions are just worth it.”


“I hurt my toe very badly. Can you please check and see if it’s anything serious? I think we will have to go to the vet.”

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This cat here just looks like a little child holding his hurt toe. The resemblance is totally uncanny and cannot be ignored. Look a little closely at every cat out there and you will definitely be able to relate to them. The felines are definitely just pretending to be cats all this while.


“If you think I am asleep, then you are completely wrong. I am still watching you. So don’t even dare!”


When even your cat is tired of waiting for your shift to end. “We may just have to go to bed hungry tonight.”


“What did you do to me hooman? Why do I look all weird?”


“Hooman, I am totally tired. Maybe you should carry me up the stairs. Although I can’t say this would be the last time.”


“I can’t do this anymore. Please take me along with you!”

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