10+ Cat Pictures Trying To Hide From The Vet That Are Totally Hilarious


Cats knows when what’s need to be done and they do it without any delay. For instance, when you take them to the vet, hiding is the most important task for them. Cats may rule your home and heart, but they are totally scared of vets. They neither have any intention of melting any vet’s heart nor get close to the vets. All felines want is to stay far away from the vets at all time.

Here are some cats that tried their best to hide away from the vet. But we are not sure if they were successful. Check out these pictures and let us know what do you think.


“Why does my hooman not understand that I hate this place? I don’t need to be here. Please take me back.


“This is the best place to hide. Nobody will ever find me here. You got me to the vet, but you can’t get me treated without my permission.”


This cat may not have a place to hide, but he can definitely hide his face. Maybe this will help him feel less scared.


“There’s no way I am coming out of here. Just go away! I don’t need your help.”

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Cats have tried everything they can to stay away from the vet. It seems like nothing works now.


It goes both ways. The vets don’t like the cats and the cats don’t like the vets. But they both need each other.


“Sorry, this is not my destination. You got me to the wrong place.”


Sorry kitty, but we can still see you. Please come out. The vet will see you now.


This is how it works right? You can’t see each other. So you don’t bother each other too.


Some cats can’t stop playing chase, especially at a vet’s clinic.


“I am so grateful for this laptop. It gives you enough space to hide.”


“We can still see you kitty. This is not helping at all. Come out quickly, we need to be back home soon.”

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