10 Cat Snaps That Purrfectly Depict What It’s Like To Live With A Cat


You name anything and your cat will show you that they can do it. The only thing is that they will have a weird way of doing it. But at the end one thing is for sure, felines will accomplish what they wanted.

Here are some cat pictures that will give you a glimpse into a cat hooman’s life. So before you go adopt a cat, have a look at this!


Every time a cat hooman leaves their fridge open, this is what they will find. Maybe they should start cleaning with the fridge before they do anything else.


When you do something really bad to your cat and he waits for the best moment to take revenge. Go figure it out before you have to face it.


Never ever interrupt a cat that is ready for its shoot. They will not forgive you and definitely not forget.


“Hey hooman, maybe you can get another bed for me. Cat sleeps here all the time and I don’t want to make him angry by waking him up.


The best moment of your life is seeing your cat and your dog hugging each other when you thought that they would kill each other instead.

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“Do I need your opinion? No, I don’t! So stop bothering me.”

Cats will never stop being the pawsome creatures they are. We are totally blessed to have them around.


“I am here to save you from all the creatures that linger in the dark. Go get some sleep now!”


“So I have a weapon in case you were thinking of attacking me. Just imagine what will these sharp nails do to you.”


“Is this the wonder called night I have often heard of? Why don’t we venture out at night?”


It’s not easy, but it will happen one day.


When a cat puts on a show, it’s meowellous!


“This is the big secret behind my good handwriting. Now never ever comment upon it again!”









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