10 Cat-Thieves That Were Caught Mid Action While Attempting To Steal Their Humans’ Food


Cats have everything planned inside their head. They never do anything without proper planning. But despite all the planning, cats get caught too and it is totally hilarious. Cats love to bring home random gifts for their hoomans. But when their hoomans leave them alone with food even for a moment, they don’t miss the opportunity to steal it. Maybe their greediness for food leaves them in embarrassing situations. Cats may be careful at all times, but food is a big weakness for them. They can’t resist it at all.

Here are some cat thieves that were caught amidst stealing food and they look completely clueless. We bet you will laugh out loud at these cats!


“Caught my cat stealing food and he was not at all ashamed of it. He always wants an extra meal.”


“My cat brought home a potato today and I am totally confused. What should I cook for you today?”


“This thing looks delicious. I should taste it before my hooman comes back.”


“The food you cooked is very salty. It’s not good for you. Don’t eat it.”


When your cat wants the entire packet to himself, maybe you should start feeding him a bit more.

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Does your cat steal food too? What is his favorite dish? What are the tactics that he use? Share all the hilarious stories with us in the comments. Enjoy some more hilarious cat stories stealing food.


This cat steals food and hides it inside the shoe like no one will ever find it there.


First you drop it and then, you eat it. This is how you get to eat extra food without getting any scolding.


“Can I have one slice, please? Please hooman. I promise I won’t ask for another one.” It’s impossible to say no to these innocent eyes.


“My cat loves to steal my meal and give me this look while eating it. He is totally wicked.”


Can anyone find the cat or maybe food in this case?

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