10 Cat Tweets That Will Make You Laugh For Sure


Cat lovers like twitter because now they have another platform where they can easily access tons of cat tweets. These people live for cat tweets. Everything else is fine, but the happiness one get from cat tweets cannot be compared to anything else.

Here are some hilarious cat tweets for you. We bet that these will definitely make you laugh. Have a look!


This could happen if you live with a cat and there is nothing weird about it.


“Hi hooman, how long will you work. I am getting bored. Can we play something now?”


Cats rules the world and their opinion matters the most.


Cats may rule the world, but they can’t stop Medusa.


The thing is no matter how much love and affection you show your cat, they will only revert back when they are in the mood to do so. Otherwise, you may get such reactions.

Nothing matches the level of naughtiness of these cats. The felines can do crazy things, make you laugh till it hurts and still be majestic and pawsome. Maybe this is why the cats are the true rulers of the world. Cats can melt anyone hearts within a few minutes. Even a human who completely hates cats can fall in love with them within a few minutes after meeting them. These cat tweets must have shown you what all you are missing in your life without cats.


When your cat do not want you to interrupt and try to find a secret place to hold their meeting. This is working pretty well.


This cat doesn’t seem satisfied with the click. Maybe you should try again hooman.


Every hooman knows how to make his cat happy. Just look how happy this cat is.


This is the most hilarious picture of the day. We bet you can’t look at this just once.


When you choose the wrong team, this is what you deserve.

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10 Cat Tweets That Will Make You Laugh Really Hard

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