10 Cat Tweets That Will Make You Laugh Till It Hurts


There are all sorts of tweets, but cat tweets are the best of them all. They are joy for the soul. Felines are very witty and a good sense of humor. Making cat tweets is the best you can do to spread happiness around.

Here are some cat tweets that will make you smile. Have a look!


“My cat has been acting weird lately, so I decided to cheer him up. He is angry at my drawing skills now. It only got worse.”


“Those are not warm enough. We like it here.”


“My hooman got some cool skills. He turned me into a stud.”


“Nobody can ever enter this house without my permission ever.”


“This is not working hooman, but I can’t give up. Do you have any other idea.”

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You see how interesting stuff can get when you include cats. These pawsome creatures are a true source of joy. They have dedicated their entire lives to purrfection. They are always the best in all they ever do. Be it cheering people up or taking revenge, cats know their way around every situation. We are totally in awe of how smart these creatures are. It’s like cats are the ones who take charge of us instead of the other way round.


“My cat is always trying out something. This one suits him the best yet.”


“What did you do hooman? I am trapped now. Why did I even agree to your stupid plan!”


This is where it all began. Cats have always been great innovators, but hooman always take all the credit.


“What would be our next plan of action? Everything is going really well right now.”


Nothing is ever a coincidence. Everything happens for a reason.

What do you think about cats? Aren’t they just awesome and really smart beings. We know you can’t agree with us more. Felines always have a way through our heart. Share your views with us in the comments below.

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