10+ Cats And Their Hoomans Who Can’t Bear to Be Apart From One Another


Once you get a cat, you can’t spend even a single day without them. Cats like to follow their hoomans wherever they go. Cats share a special bond with their hoomans. A cat becomes an important part of the family. The family is incomplete without the cats. Cats know how to take care of their hoomans. They always do something or the other to bring a smile on their hooman’s face. Cats know how to melt anyone’s heart within an instant. So if you think that you can escape their charm, then you are completely wrong.

Here are some cats and hoomans who can’t stay away from each other. Have a look at these pictures and you will also fall in love with cats.


Some cats like to sit on the head instead of the lap. Every cat is different and they have different preferences.


When your cat can’t stay away from you even for a moment and especially not when you are taking a selfie.


These three are having an important discussion here. Please do not disturb them.


A cat needs his morning dose of affection. It doesn’t matter when and where.


“I love my hooman and I don’t care if people judge us.”

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“Hooman, are you there? I am really scared. Please don’t take me the vet.”


Cuddling with your cat takes all your worries away.


When you and your cat are both lazy and do not need a reason to lie on your bed the entire day.


Who needs friends when you have such pawsome pets? Do you also take a nap with your pets?


A cat hooman can sleep peacefully when the cat is keeping a watch. “Nobody should touch my hooman.”


This cat is sad because his hooman promised to get him cat treats, but he forgot about it. Moreover, he is sleeping peacefully and doesn’t even care.


When your cat finally manages to get all your attention. Just look how happy he is!

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