10 Cats At Their Worst Behavior, But Still Won’t Apologize


Cats never apologize for all the wrongs they do. Now they would justify and say that they are never wrong. But even if they agree with us and for once, accept their mistake, they would not apologize. Cats believe that they rule the world and they are leaders in the truest sense. Well, we don’t know about that. What we know is that these weird, strange acting felines are definitely the love of our lives. In spite of all the mistakes they commit, we forgive them each time.

Have a look at these amazing cats who committed huge mistakes and still won’t apologize!

#1 Sometimes cats show compassion towards rats or maybe they don’t like the food you served.

#2 Cats like to experiment and end up in big trouble as a consequence.

#3 Cats have weird super powers. You have to careful as they might harm you.

#4 You might be used to your cat bringing home dead rats. But what do you do if it decides to put it in your mouth. As weird as it sounds, it can happen.

#5 When your cat actually accepts its mistake.

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#6 You don’t need an alarm if you live with a cat. Your alarm may stop working, but your cat will make sure that you get up on time.

#7 Cats have a thing for toilet paper. Be ready to do some cleaning if you are keeping them locked up in the washroom.

#8 Never leave your cat alone with a box if you want to see the box again.

#9 Leaving with a cat can be bit tough at times. Needless, we love them.

#10 Fur balls can do bad things too sometimes. But we forgive them each time.

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