10+ Cats Brought Their Owners Strange Gifts, But They Are Pawsome


You may get a tons of gifts for your little cat. But there are rare occassions when your cat gets one for you. The gifts that your cat brings for you may range from a dead rat or animal to dry leaves to even something to eat. It doesn’t matter what they get for you, but the act alone fills you with love and joy.

Here are some of the unexpected gifts that your cat may bring for you. Have a look!


This cat is really gentle and caring. He got flowers for his hooman mom. He looks really happy with himself. We like your choice too, little fluff.


“My hooman didn’t get up on time this morning. So I had to arrange food for myself. I got some for him too. I hope he opens the door quickly or I will eat this too.”


“My cat thinks that autumn leaves are true beauty, so he got me one. I totally agree with him. I will keep this one forever.”

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When your cat can’t catch a real mouse, so he gets a fake one to impress you. We are completely impressed with you, kitty!


When your cat brings home a dead bird that wakes up hours later. What should you do with it?


“This home needs cleaning. Get to work soon! I will not tolerate this any longer.”


“This was the only green leaf left. The others turned yellow. Maybe you should save this one. I am not sure there will be any more green leaves out there for a while now.”


When your cat wants to share his food with you, consider yourself really lucky and let your cat have it.


When your little kitty finally gets you a gift, but it’s pretty dangerous. What are you trying to do kitty?


“Early Christmas present for you hooman. Tell me you like it!”


When your cat is proud of the gifts he got you for your birthday, just smile and keep them.


“Hooman, I have been observing that you are not exercising anymore. It’s time to begin again.”

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