10 Cats Caught In Their Weird Moment


Those of you who own cats know how weird they can be. For those who don’t, you will find out after reading this. It doesn’t matter if you like them or not, but their uniqueness or rather, I must say, their weirdness never fails to catch our attention. Since long we have been trying to understand why cats do what they do, but to no avail. They always manage to surprise us. Here are some pictures of cats caught doing their weird stuff.

#1 There is something about cats and open windows. They surely don’t like them closed.

#2 Maybe it’s just another way to get everyone’s attention. Well, if nobody cares she can dwell in self love by staring at the mirror.

#3 Cats don’t like it when they are wide awake and their hoomans are trying to sleep.

#4 Is this kitty into black magic or watching too much television? Well, only if we could read their minds.

#5 Don’t ever dare to say no to your cats because they will have it either way. So better agree before you land in some trouble.

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#6 Well, it’s not just closed windows, cats don’t like closed doors as well. I’m beginning to wonder if they are claustrophobic.

#7 Did these furry balls get the idea of throwing tantrums from their hoomans or is it the other way round?

#8 This furry cat surely likes the game of hide and seek. It just likes to play by its own rules.

#9 Some cats are way too well-mannered so why not allow them at the dinner table.

#10 Is it a cat or is it trapped in the wrong body? Someone please help this poor kitty.

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