10 Cats Caught Red Pawed In The Middle Of Their Shenanigans


Cats are silly, sassy and adorable beings. They have taught us how to live a better life. But sometimes, the felines can be pretty mean. Well, cat hoomans already know what we are talking about. But for those of you who are completely clueless, you need to have a look at these tweets.

#1 Cats can do anything to get back to people who have been after their hoomans. Only cats deserve the entire attention of their hoomans.

#2 Even though cats care about their own hygiene, they don’t care for their hooman’s hygiene. So you have to be careful when there’s a cat in your home.

#3 Was the cat trying to save the cactus with some manure? Well, we will never know about the cat’s true intentions.

#4 Don’t fall for your cat’s adorable side. Their evil side is pretty bad and will surprise you more than anything you can ever imagine.

#5 Since when did cats start doing that? Well, maybe they just like to stay updated.

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#6 Did cats inspire us or are they way too smart for us to understand. Well, in any case, we think that your choices are really cool, little kitty.

#7 When you try to focus on yourself for a minute, but your cat has other plans.

#8 Cats got a like too, but you need to keep them away from rum.

#9 “Mission to take revenge from my hooman accomplished. Nobody should ever mess with a cat.”

#10 Leaving your food unattended with a cat around is a horrible idea. We hope you learnt something. Meanwhile, the kitty in his defense: “I was only checking to see if it’s not that hot.”

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