10 Cats Choose Best Spots To Sit With No Regrets


“If it fits, I sits.”  You must have often read this while reading cat posts. Felines don’t care if it is the right place or not. If they like it there, they will sit. The others may keep on thinking what they like. But this doesn’t affect a cat.

Here are some cats who chose the weirdest, yet the best spot to sit. They have zero regrets about it. Have a look here!


This cat has his very own paw warmer. He doesn’t leave it alone even for a minute.


When your cat is scared of the thunderstorm outside and refuses to move, you have no other choice.


Don’t have an empty box in the house? Just use your belt to deceive your kitty.


“This is the best place to sit, right next to the food. So you can sleep, eat and repeat. Can you please give me a blanket though? I am a little cold.”


This kitty has a special chair all to herself.

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You can find cats sitting in places that no other pet would sit. They can fit in the smallest place and still feel comfortable. Cats know how to fit in anywhere they like. If it’s warm and like a box, cats would totally love it.


“It’s pretty scary outside. I am not coming out.”


“This seems like a safe place to hide.”

Took my cat to the vet. The place is full of cats exactly like that. It’s a Cats-Only vets office and they have several office cats that reside there. You can find them in so many different spots. It’s adorable.


When you are getting ready to leave, but your cat has other plans.


This cat found the place with the best view.

My cat managed to climb through the skylight and just proceeds to sit there, 20 meters above the ground.


When you a cat in home, you don’t need any security person. The feline is enough to scare everyone away.

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