10 Cats Explain Their Purrfect Reasons To Be Sad


We can imagine cats to be anything, but sad. But some of the felines have the purrfect reasons to be sad. They even tried explaining their hoomans the reason for their sadness. You will also be amazed to listen to these hilarious reasons. We are sure you don’t want to miss them. Have a look at some of the cats that are very sad.


“Only if I had a chance to apologize to the little bee, I would have.”


“How can you ask me for my age proof? I am a cat. Nobody ever asks me any questions or say no. Didn’t you read the rule book?”


When your cat is genuinely concerned for an inanimate object, but can’t do anything to help it. The thought counts little kitty.


The cats can’t stop wondering when they will get time to celebrate and party together. They are getting impatient day by day.


When you have everything you want, but you need more.

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We already understand the graveness of the situation. These cats need serious help with their issues. We hope their hoomans understand their problems or we will have to ask someone else to rescue them. Can you solve their issues? What do you think? If yes, then share your ideas with rest of the cat hoomans too.


“When will people finally start appreciating my looks? How can they not see how marvelous I am!”


“This is why I don’t believe in love. It always tears you into pieces.”


“Can I get down back please? I don’t like the view from up here. It’s very scary!”


“You won’t understand the relevance of this long beard ever. Will you?”


“I should sleep here to give them love and warmth they need.”

Does your cat also create such tantrums? Does it share its issues with you or not? We hope you know about your cats or else, they might abandon you anytime soon. Share your views with us in the comments below.

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