10 Cats Found Catnip And Stopped Functioning


Cats love catnip for sure. But one thing we never know is that what happens to cats once they consume catnip. It’s always difficult to predict what they will do. The best thing that cat hoomans like about catnip is that they get to see the different sides of their cats. Your cat is always fully aware of his surroundings. It may be hiding a lot of things from you and you would never get to know about it.

Well, catnip brings out this hidden side of your cat. Here are some cats who found catnip and were captured purrfectly by their hoomans.

#1 “Did I die and land up in heaven? Or is my hooman again playing one of his stupid tricks on me. Well, in any case, it works.”

#2 “You can’t see what I see, but you would definitely want to see it.”

#3 “My cat found the hidden stash of catnip and this is how I found him.”

#4 “Every things is serene and beautiful. I never want this dream to end.”

#5 “My cat not only consumes catnip, but it makes sure that I get to know what he did. I will have to clean up all the mess again.”

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This is one of those times when your cats are totally clueless about their surroundings. It’s hilarious to watch our sophisticated and majestic felines in this condition. But it’s good to know that they are not always in control. Even cats should take the leverage to act silly sometimes and not be in control of their every action. After all, they are the best in everything they do.

#6 We bet you have never seen anything like this before.

#7 When cats can’t handle too much of catnip, but they got to have it anyway.

#8 Too happy and adorable to be real? Well, cats do that all the time.

#9 When your cat is not sure where he hid his last stash and don’t want you to find it first.

#10 Only source of happiness in lockdown.

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