10 Cats Getting Into Their Usual Shenanigans


Cats like everything to be purrfect. They don’t know what their hoomans want, but they are always clear with what they want. Cats know that they have a limited time here and they want to make the most of it. They either spend their time doing something fun or simply resting and taking naps. Life is meant to be enjoyed and not spent fighting with each other.

Have a look at these pawsome cats doing their usual and enjoying life! Have a look at these pawsome cats and you will get to learn a lot from them.


This huge cats like his hooman to take him everywhere.


“My cat does this in the middle of the night. It scares me every time I get up to get water.”


“Hooman, I am about to drop this. Stop me if you can!”


Cats love to sleep in the sunlight. Look at these little furry cats enjoying the sun.


This cat scares away anyone who dares to harm the kittens. “No one comes close to the kittens!”

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So do you agree with cats now? Do you think that they are living their life as it is meant to be lived? Well, cats do have a logic behind everything that they do. It’s time that we start adopting some of their learnings too. World would be such a better place if we start doing that.


This cat likes to simply sit and watch. Meet the sweetest cat alive!


“Hooman, what should I do? Where is my food bowl!”


Meet the coolest cat alive! “You are doing it wrong hooman! Open YouTube and look at the instructions first.”


Some cats get angry very easily. So it would be better if you do as he says. Cats get what they want by hook or crook. Either you agree with them or you just leave.


“I know sharing is a good thing. But it’s time to be evil so I am not sharing this anyone.”

10 Cats Hilariously Demonstrating Their ‘Cat Logic’

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