10 Cats Give Hilarious Reactions On Being Caught


Cats are proud of everything they do and they have no fear of being caught. In fact, they want their hooman to catch them red handed. This is why they do everything they do. If their hoomans doesn’t get to know about it, then there is no fun in it.

Here are some cats that were caught in the middle of their act and their actions are totally hilarious. We bet you can’t look at them just once.


That angry look says it all. “Hooman, you are in serious trouble. You left me out and that too in rain. What were you thinking!”


“Hi hooman, what are you doing here? I thought I will give you some company. Just be a little careful with water.”


This kitty is having a bad day and needs a little pampering. It will be alright kitty.


The only way to keep your kitty from doing something mischievous. But this doesn’t mean that they won’t take any revenge.


“I was looking out for a costume for the party tonight. Can you help me with it?”

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How are these cats doing? Have they managed to make you laugh yet or do you need another dose of their pawsomeness? In either case, here are some more pawsome cat pictures for you.


“It’s getting pretty cold outside. This is really warm. Can you get one for me too or should I keep this one?”


“I was getting bored of hanging out with you. So I chose a different friend to hang out with. Meet my new friend hanger!”


Even the little friends listen to their furry friends. “This is how you bow down to the cat king. Good job!”


“Hi hooman, why are you staring at me? This must be something usual for you.”


“This is not as bad as it seems. Is this why you like to hang out here for hours? I will also accompany you from now on.”

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