10 Cats on Tumblr That Will Make You Do A Belly Laugh


Cats are fluffy balls who know how to make everyone laugh. These adorable creatures were sent to us by god. It is not easy to stay happy in today’s stressful times and cats are here to cheer us up. The felines know exactly what to do to reach our hearts and give us a belly laugh. They never leave their hooman’s side, be it happy or sad times. Cats always have your back no matter what. So you should thank them and keep them close always.

Here is a collection of some cat posts on tumblr who know how to make you laugh. Have a look!


Cats can also have mood swings for no reason at all. This one is a living proof of it.


This cat is sad because he couldn’t take an extra nap today. Maybe he is worried that he won’t be able to run around the house at midnight.


“You can’t help it, hooman. Can you? I know I am adorable. Can I go back to sleep now?”


“I am ready to see the outer world now. Goodbye, hooman! Hope to see you in next life.”


When your cat finally gets what he wanted. Cats don’t stop till they get what they want.

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These cats always manage to do something weird and hilarious. They are a natural at it. Cats always know what their hoomans need and manage to get it for them. If you are already living with a cat, then you know what we are talking about. But if not, then go and get one. You will know soon.


There’s one thing that cats agree with. “Hoomans know how to organize good parties.”


Cats can get tired very easily. You shouldn’t judge them.


Cats look so adorable all the time, but they look super adorable when they sleep peacefully.


Cats are majestic and we are grateful to them for existing.


It can get really difficult to find your cat at times. But they always help you out in the end.

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