10 Cats Purrfectly Describe Our Daily Struggles


It never fails to amuse us how cats are so relatable. Every once in a while, every cat hooman feels that there is a hooman trapped inside their cat. They understand every thing so well that it is hard to believe that they are just our pets. Felines are so much more than just our pets. They know us better than anyone else.

Here are some cats that purrfectly understand our daily struggles and couldn’t describe them better. Have a look at these pictures and you will find yourself agreeing with us.


“Did I just miss a meeting? How could I forget this! What will I tell my boss now?”


This cat needs some time, but he will be fine.


“This is what my parents have been trying to teach me all the time. I think I finally know why.”


“It’s ten minutes already. I will not pay him if he gets late.”


Sometimes it’s better to stay quite when you know that your words won’t affect anyone.

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How do cats manage to do this? They amaze us every single time. It’s hard to believe sometimes that they are just cats. We are truly grateful for these little angels sent to us in the form of such majestic pawsome beings. If you have a cat by your side, you can’t stay sad for long.


Once in a while when you dress up to go out and can’t believe that you can look pretty too.


“I could have said this instead. It would have been such a better reply. Next time, I need to think quickly while I am at it.”


“God, I need your help here. I can’t do this on my own.”


“What am I supposed to do now? Maybe I should look at the ground. Maybe an eye contact with strangers doesn’t look like a good idea at the moment. Why is that cute guy coming towards me? I should run.”


All the suffering will end at once.

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