10 Cats Reacting to Events That Are Entirely “New” to Them


It is very difficult to surprise a cat. Cats plan their every action beforehand as they don’t want any surprises later. But sometimes, these furry paws get surprises too. As we don’t know each and everything about cats, so are the felines unaware of this human world they live in. They have a lot of first time experiences with a lot of things and their reactions are totally hilarious.

Here are some cats reacting to events for the very first time and their reaction is something that you don’t want to miss. Have a look at them!


When your cat suddenly realizes that it was just a painting and not a real cat. “My hooman loves me. He did not betray me. I love you hooman!”


“First visit to the vet and my cat was unusually calm. Is this the silence before the storm?”


The cat finally decided to sit where he was supposed to. If you are lucky enough, this may happen with you too.


“My cat looked at the computer screen for the very first time. He stared at it for five minutes straight. Is don’t know what he is trying to analyze!”


When the cat finally let’s you take a picture of him and give these adorable reactions too.

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“My hooman lots fat from here. He has a double chin too. He is not as pretty as I thought.”


When your cat gets to know that you are planning to adopt another cat. “I hate you, hooman. Am I not good enough? You know what forget everything. I am the best.”


The cat is still waiting for the squirrel. He hasn’t seen it all day. He is quite worried now.


When your cat watched TV for the very first time and he can’t take his eyes off it.


“My cat has been keeping a watch at me all this while. I just realized and it creeped me out. What is he up to?”

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