10 Cats Shamelessly Disrespecting Their Hooman’s Personal Space


Cats and personal space can’t exist together. Where there is a cat, there is no space. Cat hoomans know this very well and they agree to say goodbye to their personal space the moment they decide to adopt a cat. Cats love their hoomans too much to leave them alone.

Here are some pawsome cats shamelessly disrespecting their hooman’s personal space. Have a look!


When you want to get ready to go out, but your cat wants to stare at her beautiful eyes.


This cat wants to take a nap on his hooman even in the bath tub. There is no escape from a cat.


Every cat gets really scared whenever their hooman takes a bath. They think that their hooman will drown in the bath tub.


“My cat keeps staring at me every time I take a bath to make sure that I don’t disappear in the shower. The water won’t eat me little kitty. Go away now!”


“This is what my cats do when I walk out of the shower. I find this really hilarious.”

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“Hi hooman, are you okay? Do you want me to help you out of this huge water tub? Is the water treating you fine today?”


“is it really necessary to take a bath today? You don’t smell and look good. I say you don’t need to touch water today. Come out now!”


When your cat goes out, but starts melting and wants to get back in immediately. Always leave the door open when your cat goes out. They can never make a decision if they want to stay in or go out.


“My cat always keeps a watch at me when I take a bath. Today he fell asleep on his duty and I captured him quickly.”


This cat has found the purrfect seat to stare at his hooman while he takes a bath. “I am right here. Sorry, I can’t come any near to the water.”

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