10 Cats That Are Gloriously Ruling The Internet


Since cats rule the world, they get to rule the internet too. There is nobody else who can entertain people like cats do. The felines have a charm that brings a smile on everyone’s face. They have the talent to make their hoomans laugh and cry at the same time.

Here are some cats that rule the internet. We bet you don’t want to miss this!


Not all cats believe in destroying the Christmas tree. Some believe in giving birth beneath it.


Cats can do anything to fit into a box, even if it means a broken bone or two.


It had to be a cat. Only cats are capable of doing legendary things. They either do it themselves or make their hoomans do it.


If you have this cat, you have everything you need in your life.


Cats believe in the art of organizing and they are purrfect at it.

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See how cats are always at the purrfect place where they are supposed to be. This is no coincidence. They always know what they are supposed to do. It seems like cats always keep on a watch on everyone around them. But how do they manage to do this along with the twenty naps that they take in a day. Only they know how they manage to do this.


And people say cats and dogs are the worst of all enemies. You really need to see these two together.


Cats make their place wherever they belong. They don’t have to ask for anyone’s permission.


Or maybe the cat has seen you doing all the smoky eye makeup and she couldn’t help but try it out.


When cats get to taking revenge from their enemies, it can get pretty intense. So you better don’t angry a cat especially when it has a huge family.


Cats are always where they are supposed to be. It doesn’t matter where their arrival has been foretold or not.

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