10 Cats That Are Messed Up But Still The Best Roommates Ever


It’s not easy to live with a cat. The felines can ruin everything you like and create a total mess in your home. What more? They won’t let you work and wake you up in the middle of night for food. You can only understand stuff like this if a cat is your room mate.

As much as the fur balls like to mess things up, they are also good care takers. They make you laugh by doing weird stuff and are always there to listen to you. So maybe they are not that bad as well.

#1 It’s cat logic, so you better won’t argue.

#2 This cat thinks that the scratching post is to sit on. So she uses the rug for scratching.

#3 This cat can’t bear that something else looks prettier than her.

#4 This cat can’t leave his hooman alone even for a moment. So this how his morning routine goes.

#5 Who gets to taste the cake first? The kitty, obviously.

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#6 Your cat will stare at you in weird ways when they need your help.

#7 Your cat will sit on your back and stare at you while you try to take a selfie. “Why do hoomans even need to take a selfie! They should only be clicking cats.

#8 “Ruined one blind, time for another one. Let me be quick before my hooman wakes up.”

#9 “My cat likes to give me early morning surprises. It’s usually a broken something or a dead prey he caught at night.”

#10 When your cat hates that you watch TV, he will push it to the ground. “No TV is the only solution to this serious problem.”

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