10 Cats That Are Purrfectly Dumb And Hilarious


Cats are considered to be wise and witty. But they can be really dumb at times and end up in trouble. It is at these times when the felines need their hoomans to rescue them. You must be wondering what these situations could be. Here are some cats that are totally dumb and need rescuing. But even at these times, cats manage to be hilarious making everyone laugh.


This did not go well for the cat. Maybe he needs to be rescued.


Cats have weird and strange way of doing things. This one is the weirdest of all.


When your cat does not approve of your choices and protests by doing the exact opposite of what you want them to.


This cat needed rest in the middle of his prank. Maybe he is reconsidering his choices.


Cats have a fascination for doors. But they are always confused as to which side they are supposed to be.

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Have you also faced these situations with your cat? What all pranks has your cat been pulling? All the cat hoomans around the world love their cats no matter how dumb they act. There are times when these furry creatures end up in trouble. But we can’t forget all those times when they saved us from our boring lives and filled it with fun and adventurous. A cat hooman always have something or the other to look forward to.


At least this cat has not spread it all over the floor. You should be happy for that.


Cats hate water, but they still like to keep a watch on their hoomans from a safe place. Your cat is just being smart.


Just like we said, cats never know if they are on the right side of the door.


Cats may not do a lot of things correctly, but they surely know how to keep you happy.


Cats are always curious and it is very difficult to quench their thirst.

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