10 Cats That Are So Different That It’s Weird


Dogs are known for being faithful and loyal to their hoomans. But cats are much more than that. In fact, cats not only care for their hoomans, but they also carry the responsibility of keeping their hoomans entertained. Even when they have no intention of making us all, felines and their weird ways of doing things is enough to do that.

Here’s a pawsome collection of cats doing their weird thing that will make you laugh for sure. Have a look!


“My cats like to indulge in some adventures at night I have no clue about. But this is how ii found him in the morning. I hope he agrees to take a bath now.”


Cats and their unique games that only they can understand.


When you agree to play with your cat and this is what you do.


“My cat is friends with the bird on the tree outside our home. He likes to visit him sometimes.”


Cats praying their lord to end the suffering. But we think your life is pretty purrfect, little kitty.

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Cats and their weird ways of doing things is way beyond our understanding. It’s a source of entertainment for us and we are really glad for it. Enjoy some more cats doing things in their weird way.


Will cats ever understand us? Well, it seems impawsible in this lifetime.


“My cat is better at posing than anyone around. Do you agree?”


It doesn’t matter if something is meant for a cat or not. If it’s an empty box, a cat will fit in anyhow.


Who needs friends when you have a gang of cats at your home? Also, one of the reasons I get to cancel on my human friends.


Cats will do anything to get some extra food because they can never get enough of it. Please take these signs very seriously. We know what a cat hooman has to go through to keep their cats in shape.

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