10 Cats That Are The Biggest Drama Queens Of The Animal Kingdom


Cats are the drama queens of the animal kingdom. If they don’t get what they want, they will create a hue and cry till they finally achieve it. We bring to you some cats that are the biggest drama queens of the world. If you think that we are joking about it, your opinion will definitely change. Have a look at these sneaky beings acting all weird!

#1 “My cats reaction to snow gave me the chills! I think he hates it”

#2 Do you want to keep your cat away from something? Try surrounding it with water.

#3 Cats hate dogs the most. So if you decide to pet both of them at once, you should be ready for some trouble from your cat.

#4 This cat’s reaction to his hooman refusing him more treats. Left him with very few options.

#5 His hooman was totally shocked and failed to figure out what his cat had in mind. “Are you alright, kitty?”

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#6 The dog is already getting ready for the kitty’s tantrum. He knows that the fur ball is scared to go out and will convince his hooman to return home.

#7 And you thought no one is better at convincing than you. Want to take some lessons?

#8 “This is what horror movies do to my cat. Well, my cat scares me more than the ghost in the movie itself.”

#9 Do you know own a cat and planning to adopt a dog? Well, here’s what is coming next. Brace yourselves!

#10 Taking your cat to the vet is the most tedious task. They will be upset and throw tantrums for an entire week. Not to mention all the cat treats you will need.

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