10 Cats That Brought Home Weird Gifts To Impress Their Hoomans


Your cats have a weird way of expressing their love for you. They may not say it out loud, but if you pay a little attention to their actions, you will know. One such way your cats express their love for you is bringing home gifts. Well, it may not always be what you expect, but it will definitely tell you that they care. Here are some cats that brought home weird, cute and creepy gifts to impress their hoomans!

#1 This little fur balls loves to bring his hooman bottle lids now and then. He has a good collection of all types of bottle lids.

#2 This smart kitty knows how to make his hooman happy. Well, done adorable fur ball!

#3 “Look what I brought. Now let me in quickly before I change my mind!”

#4 This cat loves to bring home dry leaves. His hooman sure gets to do some cleaning now and then.

#5 This furry cat’s hooman is used to getting all kinds of weird gifts, but the kitty got a flower home one day. It was truly surprising.

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#6 This hooman’s cat got him another pet to look after. It seems like the fur ball loves to bring him his friends sometimes.

#7 Well, this kitty is really witty!

#8 This cat has a thing for sponges. He brought home a sponge third time in a row.

#9 Beautiful green leaves makes this cat happy. So he decided to bring some home for his hooman.

#10 This snowy fur ball got his hooman a birthday balloon. Even though it’s an old one, the cute gift made his hooman really happy.

Well, no matter how cunning and selfish they maybe, the feline creatures always have a way to keep their family happy.

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