10 Cats That Can Do Anything For Food


Cats have an old relationship with food. They don’t like it if it comes easily to them. All the fun lies in stealing and eating. It doesn’t matter if a cat hooman doesn’t like it, cats do what they want.

Here are ten cats that were caught stealing food and it’s pawsome. We bet you won’t stop laughing after watching them.


“My hooman got to know about my secret place. I will have to look for another one now.”


“I will never understand Chinese or Chinese food. It’s so twisted and tangled.”


“Now that I have it. Let me eat it all. Also, this is the best thing that you have ever captured.”


When you forget to feed your cat and he steals your lunch the next day, it’s call revenge. Be careful, cats can be really savage at times.


“I have the first right on every muffin on this planet. How can you forget to even offer it to me!”

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Not many of you knew this side of cats, but they are big foodies. All the cat hoomans know that they have to offer their cat everything they eat. Else, they won’t even get to eat it. These cats can do anything for food. But the way they do things is totally hilarious. Here are some more cats stealing food and having fun. You can also join them.


“Sometimes, you have to teach your hooman a lesson or two.”


“Did you say ‘no’? well, I never care to follow your instructions. Go ahead and take that picture. I know you like to insult me publicly.”


Potato is greater than catnip. It’s the new obsession for cats now.


“When your hooman is good enough to get some cauliflower for you.”


“I am not done yet. You can clean this later. Also, you can leave now. I am done posing.”

Has your cat ever stolen your food? If yes, then share your story with us in the comments.

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