10 Cats That Can Go Crazy With Or Without Catnip


Cats are always fun to be with. But give them a dose of catnip and then see the effects. We bet you haven’t seen this side of your cat because it’s not easy to spot them in such condition. We have always heard about cats as majestic creatures who are always in control.

But once you give catnip to your cats, you get to see a unique side of your cats. Everyone should witness this pawsomeness at least once. We have an amazing collection of some cats on catnip. You will go crazy laughing on them. Have a look!


Give your cat some catnip and he won’t bother you for next few hours.


Left my cat all alone at home and he found the secret stash of catnip. I have no clue when will he wake up and be in his normal mode again.


When you give your cats some catnip and they start acting all funny.


“Found my cat like this and he is acting all weird. Can anyone help me to cure my cat? I am not sure what did he consume.”


Cats will always be weird and strange. There is no point in telling them to do something the way it should be done.

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Cats combined with catnips can be a lot of fun. However, it’s better that you give catnip to your cats only in little quantity. Otherwise, the consequences can be adverse. Still, it’s always fun to see your cat completely out of control.


“Seems like my cat organized a secret party, but no one turned up. So he decided to have the entire stash of catnip himself. Now he is out and glowing.”


“Look how cute my cat looks after a little dose of catnip. However, you should try it with all caution. It doesn’t always result into such pawsomeness.”


Cats, catnip and the aftermath.


It’s a weird day for this kitty. Let’s leave it alone for sometime.


“My cat is acting all weird and cute. What did he eat?”

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