10 Cats That Can Make You Smile And Cry At Once!


Cats are super talented pets. They can make you smile and cry all at once. But one thing that they won’t let you do is get bored. Cats are truly unique and so are their actions. They have the single aim of making their journey as interesting as they can. This is why they keep on innovating and exploring new things. But sometimes, it gets troublesome for their hoomans.

Here are some cats that know how to make their hoomans cry and laugh at the same time.


Cats may be smart, but they don’t know how to read. So how can you expect it to abide by it.


When you finally figure out what was wrong with your network, but still doesn’t know how to deal with it.


“Hi hooman, see I can fit in here too. This will be my toy from now on.”


“When your hooman doesn’t invite you to play with them, you invite yourself. Let me show you how it’s done.”


Cat: Can I have this last piece of pizza?

Hooman: You are already sitting on it.

Cat: Yes, because it’s warm. Just heat it again once it becomes cold.

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Cats not only invite trouble to your home, but they also add to it. Making your life super adventurous is all that they care for. You may cry a bit, but you will definitely laugh a lot. So cherish everything that your cat does for you.


Nobody steals from a store with a cat. So instead of installing security cameras, get a cat.


Cats have figured out the art of taking revenge purrfectly. Now their hoomans are scared of them.


“Give it to me. I need it! I will hide this now and my hooman won’t be able to go out now.”


The dog must have done something really wrong to make this cat do this. Cats don’t do anything without reason.


“My toy looks like it’s broken. Can you fix it, hooman?”

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