10 Cats That Do Everything In Their Own Way


Trying to make your cat do things do way? Well, it will all go in waste so you better not try. We have been domesticating cats for years now, but somethings never change. One of them is that cats rule us and not the other way round. So the earlier you learn this, the easier it will be for you. Have a look at these cats who always do things in their own way.

#1 Never question a cat’s way of doing things. A cat is always right.

#2 “Caught my cat brushing his acting skills. He is a brilliant actor. I wonder how I got this lucky.”

#3 When a cat says it will do something, just leave it on him. A cat always knows what he is doing.

#4 “My cat has been planning this for so long. He was so happy to accomplish this.”

#5 Cats always know how to make the right use of every box. No box ever goes wasted when you have a cat in home.

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#6 Cats have their way of doing things. Never judge them for anything they do. You don’t know their secret agenda.

#7 This cat has been trying so hard. Keep on trying kitty, you will succeed one day.

#8 “My cat found the purrfect place to sit and pose. He is not ready to move from there.” Well, cats like to be at the centre of everything.

#9 This cat is getting ready for her monthly magical ritual. “There shall be shower of blessings. That’s all we need.”

#10 “My cat entered the kitchen to give a helping hand. This is how it ended.”

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