10 Cats That Find You And Your Rules Dumb


You may think that you are smart enough to handle every situation in life. But cats are always one step ahead of you. If think your feline creatures admire you, then you got it all wrong. They are laughing on you behind your back and think you are totally dumb. They fail to understand why you need to have stupid rules for everything. Here are some cats that know you are dumb and won’t even hide it!

#1 If you think you own them, you have no clue how they are controlling you all the time.

#2 Were you trying to ignore the fact that you have a cat? They won’t even let you do you even in your sleep.

#3 “You think you can stay alone and in peace for a while? Well, I got hidden cameras everywhere, you silly hooman!”

#4 “I just went for a walk and you thought I was missing. You need to get a life.

#5 Your cats will show you how to get inside everything you think unimaginable. But you might have to help them out of some places.

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#6 If your cat does that to you, something is really wrong. Get him checked as soon as you can.

#7 “I am ready to play. Let’s start! Wait, let me explain the rules first. The first one is I can sleep on the board. Well, that will work for me.”

#8 If you think you can keep your cats inside, you are totally wrong. They will do what they want.

#9 “Just when I thought my cat won’t interrupt my pizza party, here we go!”

#10 This kitty is for sale, provided you can convince him to go home with you.

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