10 Cats That Found the Most Comfortable And Purrfect Place to Sleep


If a cat decides to sleep somewhere, it is very difficult to convince them otherwise. They got to do what they got to do. Cats love to take a nap in their hooman’s lap. Cat hoomans know that this is not a good thing. Because there is no clue when your cat fill get up once it sleeps in your lap.

Here are some cats that chose the most weird places to sleep in. Nevertheless, the felines have no problem with it. In fact, for the cats, it is the purrfect place.


“It was getting a little chill inside, so I opened the door.”


“Hi hooman, it seems really secure here. Can I stay in here for longer?”


The cat is where the warmest place in the house is. This one likes to cuddle.


“I am protecting your shoes here. Nobody will steal them now.”


A cat sleeps wherever it fits. Look at this one sleeping peacefully here. It is pure joy to look at cats sleeping so peacefully.

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What do you think? Do these places seem comfortable to you? We know you are laughing out loud by now. But you can’t do anything about it. Your cats can do whatever they feel like. Cats are pawsome pets and we love their weirdness as well. They add a different spark to our lives and make it brighter.


“Find me hooman, I bet you can’t!” This cat is learning the art of hiding. He will be an expert soon.


“When the basket calls, a cat doesn’t refuse. It’s so comfortable to sleep in here.”


“Now we can keep a watch at everybody from here. Hooman, we hope you can get some new plants for yourself.”


“Hi hooman, are you taking a picture? Wait, let me pose first.”


“Just get me a box. Any size will do.”

What is your cat’s favorite weird place to sleep in? Share your views with us in the comments below.

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